Government of India Central Bureau of Health Intelligence Department of Health & Family Welfare
Central Bureau of Health Intelligence - Government of India

CBHI Linkages and Coordination



  1. All 19 Regional Offices of Health & FW/GOI
  2. All 35 States/UTS
  3. Planning commission, Government Of India
  4. Census Commission & Registrar General Of India
  5. Union M/o Statistics & Programme Implementation
  6. Medical, Nursing & Paramedical Councils & Institutions
  7. All National Health Programmes
  8. Union Ministries Of Railways, Labour, HRD, Rural Development etc.
  9. Public Health, Medical Care and Research Institutions (including ICMR) from Government and Non-Government Sectors.
  10. WHO and other UN Agencies Concerned with Health and Socio-economic Development.
  11. European commission
  12. Other concerned Deptts/Institutions/Non-Government Organizations.