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FSU Bengaluru (Health Information Field Survey Unit)

  1. Establishment:

The Bengaluru Field Survey Unit was established in 1981 under strengthening the Health Information and Monitoring System. It was supervised by Statistician.

The jurisdiction of the Bengaluru Unit was Karnataka State. The staff strength for the unit was 11 posts (1 Statistician, 4 Investigators, 2 Computer, 1 UDC, 1 Driver, 1 Attendant and 1 peon)

The plan outlay for the unit was Rs. 22.20 lakh in sixth Five Year Plan. The main objective of this unit was to conduct studies on health sector on the current issues, to help to make policy decisions.

      2. Functions in Brief:

Planning & conducting research studies as per the directions of CBHI

  • Organizing & conducting CBHI Training programme on (i) Health Statistics (ii) ICD-10.
  • Participating in the meetings /workshops, preparing & presenting the information in respect of FSU, Bangalore.
  • Persuing various needful information from Karnataka State Health Authorities as desired by CBHI
  • Coordination work with other States/UTs (allotted for FSU Bangalore) in respect of CBHI Training programmes.
  • Coordination work with other States/UTs (allotted for FSU Bangalore) in respect of HS-PROD 

     3. Orgonogram of FSU Bengaluru

FSU Bengaluru

      4. Information about Types of Training that are conducted at FSU/Training Centre

From 2005:  The FSU has been conducting orientation training for non medical personnel on

  1. Health Statistics and
  2. International Classification of Diseases.

The first batch of Health Statistics was conducted from 9th May to 13th May 2005, whereas the first batch of International Classification of Diseases was from 20th to 24th  June 2005.

From 2009: The FSU has been conducting orientation training for non medical personnel on

  1. Health Information Management and
  2. Family of International Classifications

At present: The following types of training are conducted ion Bengaluru FSU every year.

  1. Health Information Management (HIM) for Non Medical Personnel - 2 Batches
  2. Family of International Classifications [FIC] (includes ICD & ICF) for Non Medical Personnel – 2 Batches
  3. Medical Records & Information Management (MR&IM) – 1 Batch
  4. Health Information Management for Officers (HIM - O) – 1 Batch
  5. Training of Trainers (TOT) on Family of International Classification – 1 Batch

Jurisdiction: The jurisdiction of the FSU, at present, comprises the five States, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and two Union Territories Lakshadweep and Pondicherry.

Duration:               5 days

Training Schedule: The training schedule is pre determined and the dates are available in the CBHI website for the financial year in advance.

Batch Size:             20 per Batch

Eligibility:              Mostly Non medical Government permanent regular employees

Expenditure: The TA/DA expenditure for the training will be borne by CBHI, subject to the conditions.


  1. Contact information about SRD and CBHI staff at FSU/ Training Centre:




E mail id

Contact No


Dr. K Ravi Kumar

Sr. Regional


080-25537310/  080-25537688


Ms. Shalini VK

Deputy Director

080-25537310/ 080-25537688


Mr. Nandish Prasad

Jr. Stat. Officer

080-25537310/ 080-25537688


Ms. Abhilasha

Jr. Stat. Officer




Mr. T J Caverappa


080-25537310/ 080-25537688


Mr. H Manjappa


080-25537310/ 080-25537688


Mr. H T Chandra



080-25537310/ 080-25537688


Mr. S Cheluvaraju


080-25537310/ 080-25537688


Mr. Narasimha Murthy


080-25537310/ 080-25537688


  1. Contact us:

Regional Office for Health & Family Welfare, Government of India

II Floor, ‘F’ wing, Kendriya Sadan, Koramangala, Bengaluru - 560 034

. Ph. No: 080-25537310 / 080-25537688, FAX : 080-25539249 Email:

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