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Pattern of Govt. Investment And Expenditure On Health, FW and AYUSH 2005


» Pattern of Investment on Health, Family Welfare and Indian System of  Medicine and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) (Plan Outlays) in different Plan periods in  Public Sector, Centre, States and Uts. ( CHART / TABLE )

» Approved Outlays in Central Sector for Family Welfare, Health and AYUSH in Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Plan

» Scheme wise approved Outlays and Actual Expenditure for Health in the Central Sector during Ninth and Tenth Plans.

» Family Welfare Schemes - Outlay and Expenditure during Ninth Plan

» Total allocation in Ninth and Tenth Five year Plans of Department of AYUSH.

» Budgetary Allocation under Health Sector during 10th Plan Period ( 2002 – 2007 ) for States/UTs.

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