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Health Information of India (HII), 2000 - 2005


Central Bureau Of Health Intelligence brought out the first publication “ Health Statistics Of India: 1951-1953”.  This was followed by subsequent issues covering the Health Statistics upto the year 1975.


The above said publication was modified and brought out as “Pocket Book Of Health Statistics of India” till the year 1980.  The annual publication “Health Statistics of India” was revived from the year 1981 and continued upto the year 1985.  .  However, from the year 1986 onwards this annual publication was renamed as “Health Information Of India” & was published upto the year 2005.


This publication “Health Information Of India” contained information on Health & Related Aspects such as (i) Population (ii) Vital Statistics,(iii) Socio Economic Indicator (iv) Pattern of Govt. Investment And Expenditure on Health,FW & AYUSH,(v) Poverty & Disability, (vi) Medical & Para-Medical Education, (vii) Medical Health & Nursing Man-Power Statistics,(viii) Secondary & Tertiary Medical Care Services,(ix) Primary Health Care Services (Govt.), (x) Public Health Statistics,(xi) Cause of Death Statistics,(xii) EPI performance, (xiii) Health Insurance Statistics, (xiv) Food Adulteration & Production Of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, (xv) ISM & H Statistics, (xvi) International Comparative Statistics.


The following previous issues of the annual publication “ Health Information of India” are available and can be viewed on this website.


·         The Health Information Of India-2005

·         The Health Information Of India-2004

·         The Health Information Of India- 2003

·         The Health Information Of India-2002

·         The Health Information Of India –2000&2001

From the year 2005, the Health Information Of India was improvised while covering various gaps and CBHI came out with the first issue of “National Health Profile Of India 2005”. From the year 2006, the National Health Profile replaced the Health Information Of India.

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